My first ever cigar is the Romeo y Julieta No. 2 – bought it from Little Havana, KLCC. Little Havana is currently offering selected cigars at a 20% discount, so i picked up the RyJ for RM30. There were two good-looking female sale persons at the store that day who helped me pick it out. Told them i was new to cigars and i wanted to try something that would allow me to get started without too much of a jolt. Without too much hesitation, i was pointed to the RyJ No. 2; apparently its a “best-seller”. After trying taking it home and taking a week to finish it, i can see why.

As this was my first ever cigar, i really had no point of comparison – truly, if i were given weed and told that it was a cigar, i would probably have not been able to tell the difference (not that i’ve tried weed before).

But, even to the untrained tastebud, it was sweeeet. My only previous experience with tobacco was with cigarettes, and that was when i was 13, half-a-lifetime ago. But i remember cigarettes as being very sharp and “smelly” – probably that was the reason why i didn’t take the habit up – it certainly wasn’t much fun to inhale BBQ-smoke-equivalent into my lungs.

The first thing i noticed about the RyJ No. 2 was the smell – it smelled simple, yet refined, right out of the aluminium-cedar-lined tube. And when i lit it, and took a puff, the resulting gray smoke was thick, yet unassaulting to the olfactory senses. In a sense, the smell was, in a word: disarming – relaxing and calm, an unassuming massage. A friend that was with me at the time told me that she couldn’t bear the smell of cigarettes, but the smoke from the RyJ was not unwelcomed.

Taste wise, the RyJ is a pleasant experience. It wasn’t very strong, certainly not overwhelming in its approach – and i think this is perfect for me. Wouldn’t want to have to wrestle with my very first cigar. The first draw was certainly the most pleasant, with subsequent draws reinforcing the “buttery” aftertaste i experienced. My only complaint is that towards the end of the cigar (within the last 1.5-2 inches or so), the taste became noticeably sharper. Uncertain as to why this would be so.


Smell: A simple and fresh scent of tobacco

Taste: A pleasant experience that gets better with each draw – leaves a truly magnificent aftertaste. Light and refreshing. Smoking through the very last inch provided a very unpredictable result.

Verdict: A very nice experience afforded by a very well built cigar. Well worth the RM30.