Some consider the Montecristos (or “Montes” – pronounced mon-tees – as i like to call them) as the finest Cuban brand of cigars (though due to US trade sanctions against Cuba, some production of the Montes have been moved to the Dominican Republic). Last week i ventured into Davidoff’s KLCC and went looking for one. While the shop carries a good range of Montes, i opted for the Petit Tubos since it came in its own cedar-lined aluminium case. Still haven’t saved enough to buy a decent humidor – so for the time being, don’t want to risk un-cased cigars. The cigar cost a slightly-on-the-high-side RM39, but as this review will show, it provides fairly good value for money.

I really liked the build quality of the Monte Petit Tubo (“MPT”) – its wrapper has a dark quality to it that i suspect is the result of careful curing and ageing. Its texture is actually quite pleasant to the touch – just enough oil, it seems. It would be interesting to give this cigar a bit more time to age, perhaps making the good even better, allowing time to take advantage of its obviously high build quality. One thing i did notice, while i smoked it, was that it only required relighting once – an indication of a very even burn? It took me the better part of 2 hours to finish this cigar at a single sitting – it may be petit, but it lasted a lot longer than the RyJ No. 2.

Before smoking a cigar, i take a moment to closely smell its unburned skin; normally, i’ll draw it from end to end underneath my nose and take in the aroma that makes a cigar magical. What i noticed about the MPT is that its scent is very, very light. A simple hint of tobacco combined with a slightly woody touch. I found this strange for a cigar that is rated as “Medium” bodied. I expected a stronger scent.

Upon the first draw, i realised that the light scent is quite misleading – its a solid Medium bodied cigar. Thick, almost “silky” taste with a large dose of coffee+nuts influence. About a quarter of the way through, i realised that the cigar was leaving a “sticky” sensation at the back of my throat; it wasn’t necessarily unpleasant but i found it unusual. The aftertaste was solid, lasting and quite striking – i woke up this morning with a strong hint of it still remaining, and even at the time of this writing, the aftertaste remains noticeable. The mark of a persistent cigar is one that doesn’t allow you to forget it even after multiple brushings of the teeth and a garlic croissant breakfast with watermelon juice!

Towards the end of the cigar (last 2 inches), there was a very noticeable uptake in the sharpness in taste and aroma. Almost as though it wants to leave the strongest possible impression at the very end – i promise you, this is one cigar that you won’t forget anytime soon after.


Build quality: Excellent – dark wrapper hints at a well prepared piece of tobacco

Smell: Very, very light – belies its strength in taste

Taste: Silky smooth, with a strong hint of coffee & nuts. Sharpness is clearly felt towards the end. Long lasting aftertaste.

Verdict: A provider of many good draws – but i’m not necessarily convinced it deserves a spot in my Must Haves (Again!) list, partly because of the RM39 tag. Would be interested to see how a bit more ageing (2-3 years) will do to this cigar – its build quality lends to the belief that significant improvements through further ageing are possible.