While lounging away at what i suspect will become my favourite cigar divan, Hemingway’s, i experimented with a few drawing techniques (“drawing” refers to the smoking of a cigar, when you “draw” smoke into your mouth). These are two techniques i use; i feel that they provide quite distinct experiences:

  1. Single draw – slowly draw the smoke into your mouth, and allow yourself a full fill. Hold the draw in for 3-5 seconds, before letting it out slowly. Bend your head back slightly while releasing the draw so as to expose your upper palette to the smoke as it exits – this enhances the sensation. This technique will allow you to capture the full taste of the cigar, and it usually leaves a consistent aftertaste.
  2. Double draw – take a very short first draw, quickly followed by a second, longer draw without allowing the first draw to escape. Be very careful in the second draw because, if done carelessly, will result in accidental inhaling of the smoke. Hold the combined draws for a couple of seconds before releasing. This technique, i’ve found, results in a very strong taste “boost” – if you want a sudden intense rush of taste this is the way to do it. The amplification allows for an accurate examination of the particular cigar’s taste i.e. the “nuttiness” in a “nutty” cigar will become more obvious – this is a quality that you might miss with a single draw technique. The downside to this technique is it burns the cigar faster than normal, and can lead to quite overwhelming aftertastes.