Don’t underestimate the importance of a good humidor – without one, your unprotected cigars will likely have a lifespan of no longer than 7 days before they begin to dry up and become unsmokable. With some of the better cigars going for more than RM100 – letting a cigar go bad is almost a crime. And besides, a good looking humidor adds a certain degree of class in your home. The qualities of a good humidor can be found here and here.

In KL, i’ve found two places so far that carries a good range of humidors for sale: Davidoff’s KLCC and the Havana Club, Concorde Hotel. Of the two, Davidoff’s humidors are of the famed Zino brand. Just like all branded products, be prepared to pay a premium for these humidors, with starting prices for a 20-count humidor at RM1000.

The humidors found the Havana Club (stored in an amazing walk in humidor, review to follow later), are more reasonably priced without compromising quality. A majority of the humidors carried are of the Adorini brand, well known for some outstanding humidors. For example, the Adorini Firenze, an excellent 75 count humidor, retails for ~RM1,200, but i’ve been informed that a bit of polite haggling will bring a ~20% price discount. If you’re interested, call Mr Lim (he’s the operations manager for the Havana Club), and tell him Aizuddin referred you. Contact me for his number.

Mr Lim, and Mr How (a Director for Habanos Sdn Bhd – the company responsible in part for the Havana Club) told me the reason why humidors are generally expensive in Malaysia is because of the 20-25% import duty imposed by Malaysian Customs authorities on wood products. So while, the cost of the humidor is relatively cheap at the point of the supplier, shipping & handling (all good humidors are imported – Spanish cedar, a key component of a humidor is unavailable in Malaysia) and the resultant import duties force local retailers to charge a premium for this vital cigar accessory.

For the more adventurous among you, i would suggest taking your search for a humidor to the online world. A good list of online retailers specializing in humidors can be found here.

I personally recommend the following:

  1. 1st Class Cigar Humidors – a well-known and highly rated humidor retailer that has extensive experience in shipping humidors to Malaysian customers. Recommended: The Richmond, a 75 count humidor for US$105 + US$75 for shipping and handling.
  2. Humidor Discount – carries the well-known Adorini brand. Recommended: The Firenze model is at a special bundle discount deal, comes with a stainless steel scissors cutter and steel twin tubes. This 75 count humidor will set you back US$115 (plus the accessories) + US$59 for shipping and handling.

I’ve written to many, many online retailers and the two i’ve mentioned above provided the best customer service – they answered email questions promptly and effectively. I’ve always believed that good customer service is proof of a good company.

In the final analysis, the choices are simple. If you prefer to deal with a salesperson face-to-face, and working on a slightly tighter budget, then the Havana Club is a good option – Mr Lim is friendly and knowledgeable. If you need a more cost-effective option, then venture online. You’ll get better deals there, but buying goods online and the subsequent wait for it to arrive (whether or not it’ll arrive in one piece) may not be for everyone, especially in such a large investment as a humidor can often be.