Vegueros (means “tobacco planters”) is a cigar totally made in Vuelta Abajo, the land of the best tobacco of the world. The solid building where this high-quality trade mark is manufactured was built in 1868.

At the beginning this building had the function of a hospital of the Spanish colony, since 1870 as a prison and later in 1959 the School of Arts was established there. In 1961 it became into the Cigarettes Factory “Francisco Donatien”.

Originally offered as an accommodation to visitors to the Pinar del Rio region who wanted a locally-made cigar, this cigar was offered for export for the first time in late 1997, and initially, only in Canada. I was given one of these fine cigars by the the person some call the “Cigar King of Malaysia”, Mr Naresh – he runs Trinidad Holdings, the official Malaysian distributor for the Pacific Cigars Company, the exclusive distributor of Cubans and Dominicans in the Asia Pacific region.

The cigar lighted easily, the initial burn was even and a fine white ash was produced. The build quality excellent, the first few draws were easy and consistent. The initial third of the cigar tasted very mild, as expected based on the earlier scent test. A very light woody taste pervaded my tastebuds, and it was interesting to note the initial spiciness that became apparent very early on. A bit unusual from my previous Cuban experiences where the spiciness of the cigar only became apparent towards the final third of the cigar.

The taste of this cigar remained unchanged from the first third onwards – some may say this indicates a “boring” cigar but there are some merits in the consistency. From beginning to end, you can expect a very pleasing experience. A perfect cigar for those moments where you don’t really want to have to think about what you’re smoking; its an uncomplicated and straightforward experience (unlike the Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 1). Certainly, the Vegueros is easy going on the beginner.

Even with its mild taste, it must be noted the Vegueros does pack a noticeable punch. Perhaps not as significant as the Montecristo No. 2, but certainly noteworthy nonetheless.

Verdict: A well built, enjoyable cigar. Packs a mild punch – a bit of light-headedness may follow. Not easily found in Malaysia but is available online from certain retailers.