Would just like to relate to everyone my experiences with an online cigar retailer, Famous Smoke (an US based company specializing in non-Cuban cigars). In short: they’ve been fantastic – customer service is amazing, prompt and decisive.

I’ve written to virtually every single online cigar retailer found on the Yahoo Directory, including some of the more famous ones. My basic message was always the same:

Hi, i’m a cigar lover from Malaysia and would like to find out whether you ship your cigars to Malaysia and how much do you charge for shipping and handling. Thanks.

A few answered within a day or two, but most didn’t answer at all. Its almost as though my business is worthless to them which is a shame because i’ve got the money to spend.

From all those i contacted, only one stands out – the very efficient, friendly and helpful Renee Cooper of Famous Smokes. The website doesn’t normally take orders from overseas but Renee took the trouble of contacting their webmaster, arranging for a special account to be created just for me and is willing to handle all my orders personally. So much effort just for a single customer. Truly, it makes me feel like gold – i’m a customer and i’ve been treated like one. Excellent.

Needless to say, i highly recommend them. I’ve yet to receive any my order from them (i ordered a special cigar sampler pack), but i feel assured that my cigars will arrive in the same manner in which i’ve been treated so far.