Naresh Mohan – that’s a very well known name among cigar aficionados in Malaysia. Among other things, he’s the Managing Director of Trinidad Holdings, the only Pacific Cigar Company (PCC) recognized importer of Cuban cigars in Malaysia.

*PCC has exclusive rights from Habanos SA to distribute Cuban cigars in the Asia Pacific region.

I’ve met him on a couple of occasions, and each time i’ve been lucky enough to learn something new; he’s always been keen to share his knowledge and extensive experience about cigars and the industry in Malaysia.

The first time i met him, a couple weeks ago, we had lunch. Nazrin Wahab, Trinidad’s General Manager, joined us at Chinoz, KLCC. On that occasion, i learned the history of the cigar industry in Malaysia. In 1991, there was no cigar industry – cigars in the country were mostly brought in small amount from overseas for personal consumption and retail cigar divans such as the Havana Club and Casa del Habano were virtually unheard of. Naresh was among the first movers, and between 1992 and 2001, he created something out from nothing. Opening a chain of Havana Clubs, first in the Hilton, KL, then outlets in the Marriott, Lot 10, and the Concorde Hotel among others (for a total of 10 outlets at its height), he brought cigars to the general Malaysian public.

From 2001 onwards, he decided to focus his energies solely on the supply & distribution of cigars in Malaysia – he moved away from retail.

My second meeting with Naresh very recently was no less enlightening. We talked about the cigar community in Malaysia and how best this community would be served. Without giving away too many details, i’m convinced Naresh has the necessary vision and energy to make things happen. I’ll take it upon myself to document these things on this blog as and when they happen.

Cigar lovers and aficionados of Malaysia, stay tuned.