After 3 long weeks of anguished waiting, my humidor ordered from arrived on Malaysian shores. It was stuck in customs at KLIA for a few days, and when i finally got my hands on it, i knew that my wait had not been in vain: it was even more beautiful than what it looked like in the pictures. I am very, very satisfied.

After taking my time to search through the many, many websites that sell humidors for cigars, i finally settled for Humidor Discount. Why? Because they offer a competitively priced branded humidor range (Adorini) and their shipping costs were the lowest, thus ensuring i get value for money. The following was my order and how much it all cost:

Adorini Torino: EURO65 (approx. RM$267)
Stainless steel cigar case: EURO19 (approx. RM$78)
Round cutter: EURO16 (approx. RM$65)
Laser cutter: EURO9 (approx. RM$36)
TOTAL: RM$446 + RM$90 (shipping) + RM$80 (customs duties) = RM$616

Take this price and compare it with what the same products cost here in Malaysia if you buy them retail. The only place i’ve found these exact same items is at the Havana Club, Concorde Hotel. While they don’t carry the Adorini Torino, they do carry the Adorini Firenze. This particular humidor is sold on the Internet for EURO87.75 (approx. RM360) but retails here in Malaysia for more than RM1,000! A tremendous difference in price which makes shopping for your humidor and other accessories online a much more financially logical proposition.

Of course, when ordering online, you have to put up with the aprehension of whether or not your order will be fulfilled, but my experiences with Marco Ferrauti, the Customer Service rep for Humidor Discount has been decidedly A-class. He has assured me all the through the process by answering my emails promptly and accurately. I needn’t have worried at all – my order was being handled by a reputable company operating with typical German efficiency. When i need to buy another humidor, you can be sure i will order it from them and needless to say, i recommend them to anyone looking for a humidor to store your valuable cigars.

As far as the humidor is concerned, its a bit smaller than i thought it would be. But, just as an example of its quality, when i opened it up for customs inspection, a rich cedar aroma emanated from it. Everyone, including the customs official was surprised and they thought the humidor would be very expensive – it looked and “smelled” expensive. The build quality is excellent, from the brass hinges to how well it all fits. The lid closes very snugly and there is a quiet “woosh” when you close or open the lid – a sign that the humidor’s lid seals the humidor very well. Your cigars will be safe in here.

It comes with its own hygrometer and humidifier. I had a bit of trouble calibrating the hygrometer and after some fiddling i gave up. I wrapped the hygrometer in a wet cloth, allowed it to push itself up all the way to maximum (which was about 85% or so). I know the meter should read 95% under such wet conditions. So i figure the meter is 10% off. Therefore, if it read about 61-65% under normal circumstances inside a well-charged and prepared humidor, then that should just be right.

Since i received it, i’ve checked on it daily and the humidor seems to be holding steady. My cigars feel well humidifed, based on the pinch test, and the hygrometer is holding firm at 61% (which i know to be 71% in reality). My current task is to slowly stock up on cigars to fill up the humidor.

Verdict: I’m satisfied. It cost a bit, but much less than if i were to buy it here in Malaysia. A good humidor is a necessary item for the storage of cigars. I have absolutely no doubt that i made the right decision to purchase mine via the Internet.