In 1932, the La Flor de Cano brand was created by Juan Cano Sainz in Havana, Cuba. By 1942, La Flor de Cano, Partagas, and H. Upman were the top three selling brands in Spain. Initially, most of the vitolas under this brand were handmade, but now only the hard-to-find corona vitola is still handmade (and even this vitola was discontinued in 2002).

My first full box of cigars i’ve ever bought was the La Flor de Cano Selectos, a corona sized cigar, partially hand-made (the bunching is machine made, while the finishing is done by hand) from 100% Cuban tobacco. Ordered from Casa del Puro, a box cost US$41 plus shipping of US$50 brings the cost up to RM$393 or about RM$15 per stick.

Each selectos comes wrapped in cellophane. The scent test was very pleasing – there are very few things better than the smell of Cuban tobacco. A visual inspection tells me the cigar is quite well made – no noticeable deformities, or unreasonably large veins run through the wrapper. Its pleasing to note the cigar is quite oily to the touch, a sign of a healthy wrapper.

Lighting it up was an easy affair, a quick draw or two and the cigar was lit with an even burn. The cigar is a medium bodied representation with healthy doses of raw tobacco tastes, a touch of woodiness with a slightly pronounced grassy finish. The taste remains consistent throughout the cigar, right up to the stub you won’t detect a hint of acidity or spiciness. But what you will detect is a very strong nicotine punch.

By the end of the cigar (and i’ve had 3 with consistent results), i was very light headed as the cigar provided a very pronounced buzz. Perhaps a sign of under-aging, this is most definitely a cigar that will do well if left to age a while in a humidor. After 3- 6 months, the “punchiness” of the cigar should begin to mellow and provide a very satisfying, consistent, medium smoke.

Verdict: My first full box of cigars. Just like my first love, its something i won’t ever forget. For the price, it provides a very satisfying Habanos smoke – certainly much better than a similarly priced J.L. Piedra. Better to let this one age for a couple of months in your humidor before you take it on, otherwise you’re going to get a tremendous nicotine buzz towards the end of this cigar.