The name of this brand refers to the San Luis region in the Vuelta Abajo, where some of the world’s finest cigar tobacco is grown, hence the name as the “King of San Luis”. Saint Luis Rey was first created in 1938.

A couple of weeks earlier, during the official opening of Hemingway’s, preferred guests were presented with a Saint Luis Rey Regios (4.8 inches, 48 ring gauge). I saved that cigar, and lit it up on my birthday. Birthdays are a special treat and hence special cigars are reserved for the occasion.

This cigar’s scent test was unspectacular without being overly uninspiring. A quite plain woody tobacco scent was clearly detected – a bit unusual for a Cuban cigar of such pedigree and supposed body. Having said that, the experience wasn’t unpleasant – in fact, a slight hint of freshness was also evident foreboding a light to medium bodied (by Cuban standards) smoke to come. The Regios’ build quality is excellent. Its natural wrapper with a healthy oily touch passed the pinch test with ease. Firm without being hard.

The cigar took a bit of effort to light but after the second or third draw of the flame, it lit with a release of volumnious, very tasty smoke. Taste wise, the Regios is a very good cigar – thick, creamy smoke delivers a wonderful tobacco sensation to the tongue and lips. A hint of spiciness became evident about a third of the way through, but its creamy consistency remained firm and pleasing. Every draw was a luxury, and a strong suggestion of dark chocolate became apparent as the burn approached the band. Very, very nice.

Verdict: Take this cigar with a cup of coffee and a scoop of vanilla ice cream and i GUARANTEE you’ll have a great time. In terms of availability, this cigar is quite hard to come by in Malaysia – i’ve yet to see it as frequently available as other more popular brands. That’s a shame. This cigar is a delight to smoke, and a beautiful sight to behold.