Arturo Fuente Sun Grown cigars have an exclusive Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper, which is signified by the black band on the label. The particular vitola i ordered from Famous-Smoke arrived a couple of weeks ago – the Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Rothschild (4 1/2 x 50). After a week or so in an already overflowing humidor, i smoked one and found it to be an incredible indulgence. Now i know why Arturo Fuente as a brand is held in such high regard.

Initial impressions of this cigar were truly impressive – the box in which Arturo Fuente packs their cigars are, on their own, works of tremendous art. Unlike most other brands, the cigars are not laid one atop the other – instead all 20 sticks are arranged horizontally in the box. This makes for a longer, wider box than usual and is perhaps the reason why shipping costs were so much more expensive for this box of cigars. Artwork on each box was detailed, intricate and wonderfully colourful. I spent more than a few minutes just admiring it.

Each cigar is wrapped in its own cedar sleeve – the cedar imparts a unique aroma to the cigar that’s hard to replicate through any other means. The cigar itself offers a refreshing, fresh tobacco scent thats tingles the nostril is the most delightful way. Just from the scent, and the texture of the wrapper – you can tell that this is one well made, patiently crafted cigar. No wonder it costs a premium.

The taste test surrounding this cigar is hard to describe in words. Blissful is a word that comes to mind – but even that barely does this magnificent cigar any justice. After a simple light, and through the first few draws of an even burn, this cigar produces thick, aromatic smoke in quantities that belies its petit size.

Each draw brought to bear a rich, full-bodied experience. Some have rated this cigar a medium-bodied smoke, but the bitter-rich tobacco, in my tastes, firmly places this cigar in the full-bodied category. Definitely, a cigar to be enjoyed after a wholesome meal with a sweet drink in hand. I smoked it with a warm glass of chinese tea with pleasant results, but perhaps a sweet cup of steaming coffee would have been more appropriate.

Verdict: This is one cigar that easily walks into my Must Have Again list. I smoked it to the stub, right until my fingers burned and still couldn’t get enough of it. A premium smoke for a premium moment, you’ll release a deep sigh as you lay this one to rest, i guarantee it.