Made with choice leaves from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Brazil and Mexico, the extreme full box pressed Don Tomas Dominican Selection Robusto (5 x 50) is wrapped in rich-tasting Honduran-grown, Talanga Cubano wrappers. These cigars arrived a few weeks ago from Famous Smoke, and after a bit of time in my humidor, i took a couple out to try them.

This cigar, upon arrival, looked very healthy – it had a sheen of oil that was clearly discernible upon the touch. A sign of an excellent wrapper, a worthy example of the fantastic reviews the dark natural Talanga wrappers of Honduras has been receiving of late. Made from Cuban seeds, most experts believe that these wrappers are the closest tasting cousins of genuine Habanos. Its important to note the shape of these cigars is square or “boxed-pressed”. It in no way affects the taste of the cigar, but might feel a bit strange in the hands of thos of us who are used to round cigars.

The scent test was pleasant – although certainly not as sharp scenting as a genuine Habanos, this Honduras hand made gem packs a sweet tobacco aroma that’s a bit different from what i’m used to.

The cigar was easy enough to light, a few quick draws was enough to aget an even burn going. As the pictures show, this cigar burns quite well, evenly with a white-grey ash that’s indicative of well matured tobacco.

The first few draws were simple in their tastes: a light, woodsy tobacco taste dominated proceedings. This soon changed by about half-way down – the cigar took on a very detectable hint of dark chocolate. The smoke was volumnious and thick, each mouthful an encouraging assault of creamy textures. A very, very good smoke with very consistent results: even right up to the band, the cigar never got nervous or harsh. A light tip of spiciness was evident, but really nothing significant.

Verdict: An excellent all-around cigar, perfect with a cup of hot chocolate or premium coffee. Taken after a heavy meal, this cigar provides excellent company after a long day at work.