At the last cigar meet a couple of weeks ago, i brought along a wonderful little robusto that came with my first order with Famous-Smoke. Its been sitting in my humidor for a while now, and i eagerly anticipated lighting this Honduran beauty.

After the US embargo of Cuba in 1960, the tiny island saw many of its premier brands being manufactured in the neighbouring Central American states – using Cuban know-how (many cigar makers left the country in search of better prospects elsewhere), countries such as Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and even Brazil become cigar-making hotbeds. The non-Cuban Rafael Gonzales comes from Honduras.

Picking it up, this cigar is a wealth of oil to the touch – a sure sign of excellently cured and matured tobacco. Natural in colour, the scent test was pleasing: fresh, light floral tobacco scents poured into my nose with each deep breath. A light pinch told me that the cigar was well constructed, and properly humidified. I could almost tell for sure this cigar was going to be a wonderful experience.

Lighting it proved to be a simple affair – a few quick draws and this cigar almost lit itself. Initial draws provided a thick, grassy assault on the taste buds, but this quickly mellowed into a creamy floral sensation. This creamy taste remained consistent all through the cigar, right down to the tip. It was a shame to have to put it down to rest, it was that good.

Verdict: This cigar is most definitely one that won’t let you down – good construction, burns evenly, creamy definitions with hints of Old Cuba. Famous Smoke is letting these babies go at US$60 for 25 sticks – that’s a steal.