One of the good things about a varied sampler is that you get a chance to taste test many different brands without investing in a full box. When i first received my Famous Smoke sampler, i initially didn’t pay much heed to the Creme de Jamaica robusto that was included for the simple reason that the brand name sounded a bit corny – Creme de Jamaica? It sounded like a cheap, unknown brand and i ignored this cigar for long periods as i tried some of the others.

Recently, i took this cigar with me on my trip to Cameron Highlands and discovered that its quite a decent smoke, undeserving of my initial negative judgement.

When this cigar first arrived, it was a bit hard, a bit dry too. A month or so in the humidor seems to have corrected this flaw. As i rolled it in my fingers, i found it to be firmly spongy with a nice, healthy oily wrapper. A quick scent test revealed an easy going aroma, slightly woodsy in its composition. Putting my nose to the foot of the cigar, i took a deep breath and was rewarded by a very pleasing, light tobacco scent.

Upon lighting it up, the first draw was a surprise: this cigar offers the sweetest tobacco tastes that i’ve ever encountered. The aroma from the thick billowing smoke is almost like a fine perfume, very sweet and pleasing to the nose and the taste buds. Besides the unusual sweetness of this cigar, i also detected some nutty undertones wrapped around the thick smoke that came with each draw.

Verdict: A very fresh, mild smoke with an incredible sweetness in its scent, almost like a fine tobacco perfume. It burns well producing a nice whitish ash; caress this cigar with a bitter-ish drink and you’ll find an excellent balance.