I smoke about one cigar a night. Most times i post a review of the cigars i’ve smoked here on My Cigar Blog as a way to share with everyone my experiences. But once in a while i don’t post a review either when the cigar is just so incredibly bad its not worth writing about, or when the cigar is so intriguing that i’m not sure what to write.

Well, here is a hot tip:

One of the hardest to find yet best cigar brands i’ve had is La Invicta. In as brief as possible, this is an incredible brand of cigars. Not outstanding, but as far as value for money is concerned, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better smoke. Its incredibly floral and aromatic like Creme de Jamaicas, and has a creamy consistency like Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2. Now, how can you beat that!

If you’re ever lucky enough to get your hands on some (i’ve only found a few places online that sells it), don’t hesitate. I had a La Invicta robusto tonight with rambutans and it put me in cigar heaven.