Its said that this brand of cigars which only began production in 1935 found inspiration in its name from Alexandre Dumas‘ 1844 classic, “Le Comte de Monte Cristo” or “The Count of Monte Cristo“. Since its creation, and also largely due to intensive marketing efforts by Alfred Dunhill of London during the days when Dunhill marketed Cuban cigars, the Montecristo became a world famous brand, and amongst the most sought after cigars money can buy. Of the many vitolas produced by Montecristo, the Montecristo #4 is the most well received, and is perhaps the single most exported cigar from Cuba.

This is a great cigar, and this review will tell you why.

The wrapper and overall construction of this cigar is top-notch. Its wrapper isn’t silky smooth, but tiny veins help lend it a dose of character. Oily to the touch, you can tell immediately the wrapper is of premium Cuban quality. The scent test reveals a fresh, floral scent, very pleasing and gently ticklish on the nose.

A quick flash of the torch and this cigar lighted up magnificently. Similar to the Partagas Shorts, this marevas-sized cigar produced an abundance of flavourful smoke on the first draw. What a joy to be surrounded by thick, uncompromising cigar smoke.

With an even burn, this cigar offered a very cultured taste to the palate. Decidedly woody, and creamy with hints of very fine dark chocolate, the Monte #4 was able to tantalize my tastebuds in a manner i’ve yet to match with any other cigars. The Hoyo de Monterrey No. 2, my current favourite, is thickly creamy with an aromatic, fragrant smoke. The Monte #4 isn’t as aromatic in its smoke, but its certainly much more flavourful. Not too strong or full-bodied, this cigar is just nice.

Verdict: The Monte #4 is about balance. It takes you to the edge, teasing you with exquisite woody flavours, without being overwhelming. Its fragrant and aromatic, but not overly so. Its quite sharp at points, but not painfully so and it leaves a wonderful finish to make up for it. A wonderful, wonderful cigar. An instant hit in my “Must Have Again” list.