I was pointed to this website by Nur, an avid member of the Cigars Malaysia Community – Cuban Crafters – a couple of weeks ago. Almost immediately i was taken by something new, “boutique cigars”. Premium cigars made in very small quantities for a specific market, in this case, those who enjoy the “old style” of Cuban cigars made with full wrapper leaves, tampered foots and pig-tailed heads. From tobacco grown in Nicaragua, a country whose soil has been very closely compared with the unique soil found only in Cuba, these cigars looked very, very appealing.

I couldn’t resist, i made an order for its Cuban Crafters sampler and its JL Salazar reserve selection. The cigars have since arrived after about 2 weeks in transit and reviews will follow soon. But what i can say now is that these cigars are really something and more than proves how fast non-Cuban cigars are catching up in terms of quality and form to their Cuban cousins.

What made the experience a truly pleasant one is the Cuban Crafters customer service – i communicated exclusively with Al Gutman and he was extremely helpful and knowledgable. Emails sent to him were always replied promptly and he did all that was necessary to assist me in making the order since the website has a problem accepting regular orders from credit cards registered in Malaysia.

I’ve said it before – customer service makes the difference in an online transaction. You probably won’t find any better than at Cuban Crafters.