Another one of those brands that “migrated” from Cuba once the revolution took place, Partagas (DR) uses a combination of tobacco: Dominican Cuban-seed & Mexican fillers and savory Cameroon wrappers. How does this Partagas compare with its Cuban cousin? Unfortunately, quite poorly.

The scent test was quite pleasant – an easy tobacco nutty aroma lined the cigar with a particularly strong pinch from its foot where cigars inner tobacco is most exposed. Its construction is good – firm and not-too-spongy, with just the right amount of oily-ness. When it arrived with the 12 Sampler Pack from FFS a couple of months ago, this cigar was a bit dry. A few months in the humidor has done it well.

Problems with this cigar started to occur upon first lighting. It lighted ok, but the burn wasn’t as even as i would have liked. It took a bit of nursing to keep even; it wasn’t really problem, just a bit irritating. You don’t expect to have to nurse the burn of a premium cigar. The initial draws were nutty bitter in an unpleasant fashion – very tannic, bitter and sharp. I tried in vain to smoke through it, hoping that things would improve later, but they didn’t. Perhaps its just me and my palate, but this cigar became unsmokable very quickly. There was no pleasure at all with having the rough tasting smoke washing over my taste buds.

Verdict: Its rare that i can’t finish a cigar especially one for which i had such high hopes. But this cigar didn’t really last much further than half-way before it took a flying spin into the woods behind my apartment. Too harsh, too strong, tannic and bitter. Avoid, avoid, avoid.