It can be quite confusing sometimes – Romeo y Julieta first appeared as a Cuban brand of cigars, but after the Cuban revolution, this brand began production from the Dominican Republic. The confusing thing is that although the Cuban and non-Cuban Romeo y Julieta share the same name, there are distinctly independent with neither having any relation whatsoever with the other. Even tastewise, they are different with the Cuban Romeo known for its spicy strength, while the non-Cuban Romeo known for its milder climes.

Its often been said that the quality of non-Cuban tobacco has caught up by leaps and bounds to their Cuban cousins. 10 years ago? Cuban tobacco was unmatched. Today? Some of them, especially tobacco produced for the premium brands such as RyJ (DR) have really caught up and in some cases even surpassed the quality produced in Cuba. The Sumatran wrapper on the RyJ No. 2 (DR) is a testamony to this fact. Its increadibly smooth – a perfect natural wrapper without any visible veins, and very silky to the touch.

The scent test went equally well, but a bit on the light side without any hint of spiciness. Quite floral with a hint of cedar. The lighter came out next and a few quick licks from the flame brought this premium cigar to life. The initial draws were a bit suprising – quite spicy and aromatic. I expected it to be a tad bit milder than its Cuban cousin, but on the evidence of the first few draws, it wasn’t. This doesn’t mean the tobacco is poor – on the contrary, its a compliment that this cigar compares so favourably with its Cuban version.

(Image was lost) A nice even burn with fine silvery ash

(Image was lost) No tunneling with the ash is tapped off – excellent burn

But ultimately, the wild tastes from the beginning mellow out after the first third or so to settle into a mild-medium consistency with an extremely fragrant finish. Not creamy or overly spicy, but simple smooth goodness without being too complex. The draw is fine, not too easy or tight – this makes a very relaxing after-dinner smoke to clear the palate.

Right to the stub

Verdict: A good cigar without any obvious flaws but with some very obvious strengths. Love the wrapper, love the smoothness and the mild spiciness. Unlike the Cuban RyJ this cigar won’t “burn” you palate off the park; just a mild tickle will do. Recommended.