Master chefs will tell you that appearances are everything – good food not only tastes good, but looks pretty decent as well. Long time cigar aficianados will tell you the same thing – a good cigar often looks good too. Its wrapper will be smooth with an oily sheen, its packaging will be immaculate and unique.

The “silver bullet”

On both counts the Romeo y Julieta Petite Numero Dos (Dominican Republic) is outstanding. Its got the most healthy, oily wrapper (dark natural) you can imagine, and also sports a very interesting outer packaging: its silver tube has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Its well deserving of its name – the “silver bullet”.

(Image was lost) Attention to detail – cork in the cap

(Image was lost) A wonderfully healthy wrapper

An examination of the packaging is an experience in itself. A lot of care and attention to detail has been invested in this aspect of the Numero Dos. Besides the expected cedar strip in the tube, you’ll also find natural cork embedded into each cap. This probably acts as a measure to absorb any access moisture and also to act as a cushion for the cigar. Inside the tube, you’ll find a small piece of foam. This acts to cushion the figurado head of the cigar from bumps and bruises. And the tube itself – its many times shinier and, hence, more attractive than the regular aluminium tubes you’re likely to find even on the most premium Cuban cigars. Fantastic stuff, and is a real collectible.

The cigar itself is no slouch. The scent test is a enjoyable affair – very light, and mildly tobacco-ish, though a deep breath from its foot (the end with the exposed tobacco) will reveal a nice thrust of spiciness. Fresh, scentful tobacco. Top class. The wrapper (top quality premium Sumatra leaf) itself is remarkably “clean” – very minor veiny hints.

(Image was lost) Silvery ash, half the length of the cigar

Lighting this cigar takes a bit of patience. As with most figurados, the foot is very wide, but with a smaller head, the draw is slower than most wide-gauge cigars. A few touches of the torch, plus a couple of deep draws brings this cigar to life. And what a life it is! Initial draws are creamy smooth – the smoke is plentiful and flavourful. Mild cedar, dark chocolate and large does of spice are thrown into this blend to provide a very distinct smoke. Having said this, the Romeo character is maintained in substantial amounts: mild spiciness on the lips, and a very pronounced, sweet finish. Midway through this cigar, it rears in complexity as the creaminess is replaced by a more flavourful, straigtforward approach. Its this change that lends itself to the unique Romeo finish.

Romeo y Julieta goodness right to the stub!

Verdict: A well constructed cigar with all the elements of a classic: nice packaging, splendid wrapper and tobacco blend. You really can’t go wrong with this little gem. A fine introduction to the distinct Romeo flavour. Recommended.