For years, Cuban cigars have been severely over-rated and its this over-mystification that has created the culture of luxury, wealth and exclusivity surrounding the world of cigars. But the truth is, a cigar doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be enjoyed, to be a good cigar. If you wanted proof of this statement, the Ramon Allones Gustoso (5 inches, 50RG) sets a shining example.

Ramon Allones Gustoso robusto

This robusto sized beauty comes wrapped in its own individual cedar sleeve, and its interesting that this is the first cigar that i’m forced to remove the bands first before lighting since the bands keep the cedar sleeve in place.

Notice the healthy wrapper. Nice even initial burn

Upon closer inspection, the Dominican “La Vega” wrapper on this cigar is fine thoroughbred: clean and slick with healthy oils. Joy! And its equally pleasing to note the scents surrendered by the tobacco – unlike most Dominicans that tend to just offer enough to tickle the senses, the Gustoso delivers a robust punch. Clear and present, clean, slightly floral scents. A lot of effort went into getting this blend just right to deliver this olfactory result.

The ash is a bit crumbly, fragments

It doesn’t take much to light, just a few quick flicks of the torch brings this cigar to life. And that’s probably when some minor problems begin to appear. The burn is very slightly uneven, though it starts out ok enough. A bit more aging required perhaps to mature the tobacco further should solve this problem. The second weakness of this cigar lies in its inability to hold a long, cool ash. The ash unexpectedly dropped off into my lap just about an inch or so long. A bit unusual for a premium long-filler cigar, especially a robusto, which should hold its ash for at least 2 inches or more. I guess most people may not mind, but as a bit of a purist, i enjoy long ashes on my cigars — it does serve a practical purpose of cooling down the cigar and filtering the air that enters each draw.

Right to the final juicy stub!

Taste wise, this cigar is quite excellent with hints of cedar with a very fresh tobacco finish. I can’t quite remember the last time i’ve produced so much smoke from a single cigar — the volume of smoke produced with each draw is positively HUGE! And the smoke produced is very, very aromatic. Just like the wrapper, the smoke exudes an extremely pleasing floral scent.

Verdict: Like loads of smoke from your cigar? This little monster will do that for you, no problems. Prefer a milder bodied cigar with a very distinguished floral aroma? This cigar will offer you that and more. Its got so many plusses, its minor problems can be easily overlooked. Recommended.