Sometimes a cigar comes along that just blows your socks off (literally!). The Bahia Maduro Robusto is one such cigar: its extremely strong, full of hearty flavours and punch. A Nicaraguan cigar to be taken sitting down, after a heavy meal with no activities planned afterwards that require hand-eye coordination!

As Maduro wrapped cigars go, the Bahia Robusto is a beauty — very faint veins on a silky, very oily dark wrapper. Though smooth to the touch, i noticed it feel a bit “light” when compared to other robustos of similar dimensions. Not very spongy when subjected to the pinch test, i wondered whether the Bahia has been packed loosely thus explaining the light-ness of its feel. An indication of a very loose draw?

(Images lost) Nicely bunched tobacco

It took a short moment to light, and it then never looked back or required a relight; an indication of some well prepared tobacco under the hood. The initial draws were a bit loose (though not overly so), and brought with it this strangely bitter accent to the palate. Almost like a combination of the darkest dark chocolate and the most potent espresso, the Bahia is a real kick in the gut!

(Image lost) It holds its white ash very well – firm and tight

Being patient with it, i thought that given more time and a couple more draws, the Bahia would mellow out like most strong, full-bodied cigars do. But it didn’t — it maintained its strength all the way to the end. In fact, it was so strong, its one of the few cigars i didn’t smoke all the way to the end. The nicotine buzz it provides is considerable, and i couldn’t really feel my toes anymore when i put this cigar to rest!

An interesting point to note is that the Bahia Maduro Robusto provides an excellent after-taste (finish). Perhaps one of the best i’ve ever tasted; a light cedary impression mixed with floral frangrances. The finish lasts for quite a while, as is expected with such a strong cigar.

Verdict: Slightly loose drawing, butt-kicking cigar! A must with a heavy meal otherwise you’re going to be floored. A bit too strong for my tastes, but i did enjoy the nice floral finish.