The Almirante torpedo proved a surprise hit among those who had a chance to sample it. For all its problems (tough draw, limited smoke volume, etc.), the Almirante was one hell of a fragrant cigar – its almost a shame its been discontinued.

Well, i’m happy to report that i’ve found an alternative, a much, much better alternative. Its almost like an Almirante on SPEED!. Its name is the Tesoro Torpedo – long filler, all hand made in the Dominican Republic.

Its a visually pleasing cigar, wrapped in a silky light natural outer skin. Its thinly veinly but disfiguringly so, and well humidifed, this cigar is firmly spongy to the touch. The tasting of any cigar must be preceded by a thorough external examination. The Tesoro passes quite well, though falling short of a distinction reserved for more premium cigars.

Fine white ash, it holds quite well

The scent test was appealing — flowery fragrant and lightly ticklish on the nose. A few deep breaths from its foot left me mildy buzzing in anticipation; nothing wrong there.

A quick light later and this cigar was away! The draw was a bit light for my liking, almost like sucking air through a straw, but it wasn’t too bad to be intolerable. Strong cedary and tobacco tastes marked the early draws of this cigar, but it soon began to mellow out into a more consistent floral flavour. Quite nice! Thick volumes of smoke went billowing out throughout the length of this cigar, and as i’ve always found this appealing, i’ll review this point positively.

Less-than premium tobacco – the ash fragments upon burn

The Tesoro burns a bit unevenly, though, and this took a bit of attention to keep in check. Perhaps it requires a bit more aging in the humidor to allow it to settle; an uneven burn is an ugly experience that can ruin an otherwise good cigar.

Well constructed cigar has conical ash

Verdict: A good, simple everyday smoke. Very flowery fragrant and aromatic. Produced thick, billowing clouds of smoke and that’s always a good thing, eh?