My previous experiences with cigars from Honduras have been pleasant: the Rafael Gonzales robusto provided a creamy sensation on the palate while the La Invicta petit corona was an experience of nutty spiciness. The Honduras Corona is a nice fit between the two.

The scent test for this cigar provided unexpected results: a very, very chocolate-type aroma that smelled a bit strange at first. A full box of these cigars, when i first opened it, almost smelled like a box of Cadbury chocs! The visual inspection was satisfactory while not necessarily being outstanding. Thin, dark veins ran along the length of the maduro wrapper; some may find this displeasing.

But the “feel” of this cigar made up for its slightly poor appearance — very nice oily shine provided a good tactile rub on the fingertips. Nice! The cigar itself is quite firm to the touch, and rolls well between the fingers.

Notice the even burn and shiny wrapper

A quick light later and this cigar took off without much fuss. The draw itself was quite firm, but not unreasonably so for my tastes. Burning slowly, it tasted quite pleasant in a nutty, cedary fashion. Lacking the spicy punch of the La Invicta, or the heavy creamy dose of Rafael Gonzales, this cigar falls comfortably in between.

It doesn’t hold its ash very well

The main criticism for this cigar lies in its lack of character as the cigar goes past half-way. I like my cigars to begin “punching” once into the final half; a fine cigar provides a change in approach as you smoke up to the last third or so. The Honduras corona makes not such move and tastes, more or less, the same from start to finish.

Verdict: For the price (RM7), its a good cigar rarely approaching excellent or outstanding. Its best feature is its firm draw (too many cigars nowadays, even renowned Cuban tend to be too loose), and its very slow burn. For a 5″ petit corona, expect to spend the better part of an hour nursing this little ‘un.