Cuban cigars in recent times have suffered in terms of consistency (this is ironic because Cubans used to be famed for their uniformity and consistency). Cigars of the same brand and vitola are different from box to box or even within the same box. Wrapper quality is uneven, shape and texture differs from cigar to cigar. Check out these pics from a box of Montecristo #4s i’ve prepared for the 7th Cigar Dinner:

Notice the inconsistent wrapper quality

Notice the different ring gauges. All 3 cigars from the same box!

Thankfully, though construction and visual consistency has been poor, mass production (due to very large demand for their cigars) of Cubans have not affected the quality and tastes yet. I smoked one last night and found it to be classic Montecristo. Draw was good and burn was even with that trademark spiciness on the palate.