Cigars from the Dominican Republic are reknowned for their smooth, mild flavour. Every once in a while, a cigar arrives that bucks this trend and provides a real BLAST to the palate. The Vueltabajo robusto (named after the famed Vueltabajo Valley in Cuba) is one such cigar. Oily, Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers surround a medium-strength blend of select Dominican Piloto Cubano fillers — it arrived in a nice cedar-wood box and by the looks of it, its been aging in there for quite some time. The cellophane wrapper around each cigar smelled distinctively cedary! Was i in for a treat? We’ll have to see.

The pinch test was a bit disappointing; the cigar felt a bit hard under the fingers. Perhaps a bit of time in the ol’ humidor would make a difference. Observing the wrapper, this cigars looks fairly decent. A nice thin sheen of oil over a smooth virtually-veinless wrapper. Good to the touch.

The scent test wasn’t too inspiring. A simple, fresh tobacco scent — nothing to knock the socks off with. What i did notice, though, was that the wrapper had a very pleasing woody undertone that is usually associated with tobacco that has been well aged in cedar lined rooms prior to packing. Interesting.

(Image lost) Very well aged tobacco — notice the ultra-thin burn ring

The foot lighted immediately under the flame of the torch; a quick draw later, and the cigar was well away. The first few draws were a tad bit loose for my tastes, but after a few moments, once the tobacco has been given a chance to warm up and expand, the draw improved significantly. And i was very richly rewarded for my patience.

Tastewise, this cigar provides a mighty punch to the palate! Not your run-of-the-mill mild Dominican here, but a fairly hearty cigar that easily lies on the heavier side of medium bodied in flavour and taste. Large plumes of smoke was produced with each draw, and this was quite nice. Cedary, heavy woody tones dominated each draw and as the cigar moved on past half-way, this transformed into a very creamy sensation that should please those who prefer creamier smokes.

(Image lost) Very good construction — it holds its ash well

Verdict: An interesting cigar to say the least — very woody and creamy in most of its disposition. Well constructed, but tends to be a bit loose in the draw for my tastes. Burns nice and slow, and will provide more than an hour of smoking joy.