Before receiving my first bundle of La Floridita cigars, i didn’t know that Costa Rica manufactured cigars! All the tobacco in these cigars isn’t from Costa Rica: mild Dominican and rich Nicaraguan long filler, plus a Dominican binder all encased in high-grade Connecticut wrappers. An interesting combination as my subsequent taste test discovered.

The scent test wasn’t too inspiring, without actually being poor. A nice little fresh sharpness tickled the senses as i ran the length of this cigar underneath my nose. A quick sniff at the foot revealed more of the same — the tobacco is quite lively, well matured.

Visually, the La Floridita robusto is quite pleasing. A natural, oily wrapper with minimal veins, but a little bit hard under the fingers. Too tightly bunched, perhaps?

Snipping off the cap, i took an initial draw without lighting it yet. I was very pleasantly surprised that the draw wasn’t hard at all (the pinch test revealed quite a hard surface). In fact, the draw was PERFECT! And that’s something i haven’t had from a cigar in quite some time.

A quick flick of the torch later, and this cigar came into life. The initial draw revealed some very, very spicy tones — almost tangy in nature, running across the lips and palate. The cedary woodiness began kicking in about half way through, and it was pleasant without being outstanding. Overall, a mild to medium bodied cigar with an emphasis on spiciness — that’s a classic character of Nicaraguan filler.

(Image lost) Even burn, white ash

What impressed me the most about this cigar has to be its construction: the ash burned cleanly to half the length of the cigar before it began getting wobbly and had to be tapped off! Firm, silver white and resolute. Outstanding aesthetic value here.

(Image lost) Ash half the length of the cigar!

Verdict: A good cigar; certainly a steal for the price. Spicy disposition, excellent construction, superb draw and a pleasant finish on the palate. Recommended.