Recovering after the minor disaster of the 7th Cigar Dinner, this month’s feast was an excellent outing! To those who claim that cigars and Chinese food don’t go together: you’re wrong! 🙂

Cigars and fine cuisine of any nationality are a match made in heaven; in the past 8 months, the Cigars Malaysia Community has tried them all — Western food, Malay food, spicy food, Chinese food. A good cigar is a universal treat, for all people, for all palates, a fine companion for any gastronomical journey!

A few people had a bit of difficulty finding the restaurant on a dark Friday night, but when things kicked off in ernest, we were all in fine form. The food arrived promptly (it was EXCELLENT!), the variety and amounts were just right. No one left their seats without being fully satiated, guaranteed!

The cigar menu for the evening was equally extensive. No less than 15 different brands were represented, from at least 8 different tobacco growing nations, including Malaysia! Our very own, de Kayang cigars, were present that night. A size and shape and taste to suit everyone, the 90 minutes after the last dish was cleared saw the group happily puffing away, sharing the camaraderie of a wonderful cigar.

We talked about current issues that night — from the coming F1 race last weekend, to the general elections just a few days away. Jokes exchanged, laughter in abundance and smiles and handshakes throughout. What a wonderful evening!

Thanks to all who made it happen. I look forward to seeing you all next month!