Some cigars are meant for greatness. This is cigar is one such fine example. Many aficionados claim, “Given a few years to mature, a good cigar becomes a great cigar.” This cigar proves the validity of that claim.

The Cusano “18” – the “18” stands for the 18 years the Dominican filler has been aged. Wrapped with a very, very fine Connecticut shade leaf, this Dominican Republic puro is an amazing smoke. Cigar Aficionado‘s Cigar Insider rated this cigar a very high “91” — its worth every point.

The scent and visual test for the Cusano 18 is outstanding. A bright, sharp floral burst of aroma can be found along its foot – very fresh and light. A truly impressive characteristic of this cigar is its incredibly smooth, oily wrapper. I’ll wager any amount of money that you won’t be able to find a silkier colarado shade Connecticut wrapper anywhere in the world! I’ve never run my fingers along anything quite like it before; a stunning experience that creates a sense of eager anticipation for how this cigar will eventually perform once lighted.

The Cusano 18

The pinch test reveals a well constructed cigar — nice and spongy under careful prodding, without tough knots anywhere along its length.

A quick light later, and this cigar is away. It certainly starts out quite mildly in the beginning — the smoke is volumnious but not particularly inspiring in terms of taste. A very mild floral bouquet, with some very light woody hints. The draw is quite easy, and just about right.

(Image lost) An ultra-thin burn line indicates very mature tobacco

Once you reach the last third, that’s when things really start kicking in! The Cuban-Piloto seed leaf used in its filler allows for a very spicy punch to surface. The change of character is decidedly delectable and provides a very positive smoking experience. An outstanding finish!

(Image lost) Fantastic construction — super-long ash!

(Image lost) Right to the very stub

Verdict: A very rare cigar, made with some of the most impressive tobacco leaves the Dominican Republic can produce. The quality shows in every aspect of the cigar: construction, scent, feel, taste, finish — you won’t be disappointed as it has a little something for all types of aficionados to savour. Light and woody to start, very mild beginnings with an outstanding, grandstand spicy finish!