When Alec Bradley introduced their Trilogy line of cigars at the RTDA 2002 (America’s largest cigar convention), they were an instant hit. Shaped in a very peculiar triangle press, these cigars are unlike any other i’ve had a chance to smoke. Coupled with a luxurious 5-nation blend of tobacco — this cigar invoked a massive amount of curiousity.

The Trilogy Exotic Maduro uses a rich Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro wrapper, an Indonesian binder, and filler blended from Columbia, Nicaragua, and Honduras. The only unknown for me was the Brazilian wrapper; never tried tobacco from Brazil before. But looking at the other leaves used, i expected a flavourful, spicy experience. I wasn’t quite far off.

(Image lost) Peculiar triangle pressed shape

This cigar is unusual: its been pressed into a triangle shape that may initially feel odd in the hand, but once i got used to it, it was quite comfortable especially when fitted snugly between the knuckles of my index and middle finger. Unlike regular box pressed or round cigars, the Trilogy didn’t lose its shape even up to the end; most other cigars (especially Cubans) tend to become soft and squidgy as you smoke it to the end.

The scent test was unusual too. Most likely due the Brazilian wrapper, this cigars unlit aroma was quite earthy without being “sharp” to the nose. Quite an interesting balance. The pinch test reveals the cigar to be slightly on the firm side of things — not hard, but not pleasantly spongy either like the best cigars i’ve had.

(Image lost) Excellent burn, light marble gray ash

With a few licks of the torch, this cigar lit up quite well. Initial taste impressions were quite positive. A rich, dark chocolate burst of flavours accompanies each draw. The draw itself is quite good and the burn is fairly even. Towards the end of the cigar, the taste tends to mellow out a bit, withdrawing into a more woody tones — that in itself is unusual because most cigars tend to become more pronounced as they reach the last third or so.

What strikes me as being special about this cigar is how long it lasts: VERY VERY LONG. I don’t think i’ve had a cigar (torpedo vitola) that burned so slowly on me before; nearly 100 minutes of life came with this 6.5 incher. Outstanding! Its a testimony to this cigar’s complex tastes that it never got boring through its long life.

(Image lost) Good to the end; fantastic finish!

Verdict: An extremely slow burning torpedo with some very complex flavours — starts out quite full bodied, but finishes quite mildly. Unusual triangle box press shape, usual earthy aroma. Certainly worth a try. It just might be your cup of tea!