Its interesting to note how quickly a particular brand of cigars has become a firm favourite of the Cigars Malaysia community: Puro Indios. I recently got my hands on a couple of robustos of this famed brand, and i’m happy to report that i’ve been converted too — its a good cigar worth a daytime smoke!

With tobacco from 5 different nations – WRAPPER: Sumatran-seed Maduro, BINDER: Ecuador, FILLER: Brazil, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Nicaragua – you can expect a complex range of tastes. Reasonably well constructed under the supervision of master cigar maker, Rolando Reyes Snr in his factory in Danli, Honduras, it does ok in all physical departments too.

(Image lost) Well aged tobacco — thin burn line

The cigar is firmly spongy when pressed — perhaps a tad bit too firm for some and this may indicate a firmer draw when lighted. But, i found it ok, though not excellent. The wrapper is not very pretty either; veiny and spotty in parts but i’ve seen worse. The scent test was a very pleasing experience: a strong little burst of floral spice — wonderful!

(Image lost) Nice construction — conical ash

A quick light later and this cigar is away. Initial impressions are a bit disappointing: early draws are slightly tight, and smoke volume is relatively low for a robusto. Tastewise, this cigar is outstanding. It leaves a very strong complex flower-cedar impression on the palate that’s quite pleasurable; the fragrance of this cigar as it burns is excellent! Towards and past the second half, this cigar loses a bit of its complexity and begins to taper out slightly. But it finishes well, and i certainly liked it enough to smoke it to the stub.

(Image lost) Good to the stub!

Verdict: A mild-medium bodied cigar. Wonderful flower-cedar fragrance that’s a bit unique — haven’t smoked anything close to it before. Overall, a nice little number. Would smoke it again.