In cigar terms, “seconds” are cigars which do not pass the exacting requirements of the cigar maker. Perhaps the wrapper is of different colour than the rest of the batch, perhaps its either a bit heavier or lighter than it should be, perhaps there is a nick in the wrapper, or perhaps its too tightly or loosely bunched. Any number of reasons could lead to a cigar being labeled a “second” and therefore not good enough to be mixed with the qualified “firsts”. The more stringent the quality control of the manufacturer, the more “seconds” its going to produce.

Seconds are generally just as good taste-wise as “firsts”, and have the amazing advantage of being sold for very affordable rates compared to their “firsts”. Rolys are essentially Puros Indios seconds and in just about every sense share the same characteristics.

(Image lost) Nice long ash!

The Roly #4 i smoked, when compared to a “first”, seems a bit more veiny, and under the pinch test a bit firmer. Perhaps this cigar was bunched more tightly than it was supposed to be? The scent test delivered the same flowery spice i’ve come to expect from Puros Indios — delightful!

Lighting it up took little effort — a few licks of the flame, and a puff later and this cigar was well lit. Smoke volume from the initial draws was a bit thin, but from past experience with Puros Indios, this wasn’t too unusual. The draw was a bit tighter than usual, but it not too tight till it ruined this cigar. Firm, and just alright. Burn was a bit inconsistent at first, but it steadied itself (as all good cigars do) towards the second half.

Unlike its “first” cousins, the Roly got better and better as it burned along. Draw after draw improved its taste; from the distinct floral fragrance that Puros Indios is known for, to a very nice, fuller bodied cedary punch at the end. Yummy!

(Image lost) Right to the stub

Verdict: Not a very pretty cigar; slightly veiny and a bit too firm under the pinch. But it delivers the same Puros Indios promise: a satisfying, fragrant smoke. Gets a bit punchier towards the end (unusual, as “firsts” don’t do this), and finishes well. For the price, i would recommend it.