Not all cigars are created equal — i’ve had the good fortune to smoke some amazing cigars in the last 10 months or so, and the review i make of them certainly do these cigars justice.

But once in a while i come across a cigar that’s just so blindingly poor, it just takes too much effort to smoke them to the end. On these cigars, i take a few puffs, and almost immediately know that something is wrong. I give them a chance to improve by smoking them a bit; some cigars start bad, but end very nicely. But when it just doesn’t get any better, i hold my hands up and say, “I give up” and put them to an early rest in the ashtray.

Two such cigars came across my path lately: the abysmal Don Juan and the equally poor National Soberano. Bad, bad smokes — stay away from them even if someone offered them to you free!

Don Juan Corona

The Don Juan corona didn’t inspire much confidence from the moment it lighted. Its fragrance was bland, and it tasted even worse. A very poor tarry experience, bitter and shockingly coarse to the taste. Burns unevenly, required multiple relights even in the beginning, and simply got poorer and poorer with each draw. Ouch.

Poor draw, and poor burn

The National Soberano was even worse. It burned ok, it felt well constructed, but the wrapper tastes as though its been sprayed with some sort of artificial sweetener! A few draws was enough to put me off; it isn’t a flavoured cigar, but it surely smoked like one. In the end, i actually tore off the wrapper completely, and had a better time smoking just the binder and filler! But even then i gave up after a few minutes. The taste was bland the smoke volume of non-existent.

National Soberano

Its frustrating to smoke such poor cigars. But i guess, i can’t expect all cigars to be good. Never be afraid to put out a terrible cigar. If its bad, its just bad.