The Cuban Montecristo — a fantastic cigar brand that has successfully navigated the test of time to produce some of the most consistently good cigars from Cuba. The following article is a good read on the brand, and how Cuban Montes are made.

Enrique Mons, one of Havana’s great cigar aficionados and the head of the humidor room at La Casa de Habano, the city’s most prestigious tobacconist, could smoke anything he wants, considering the vast selection of cigars in his shop–all the sizes and shapes of Cohiba, Hoyo de Monterrey and Punch, among others–but when he decides to smoke a cigar he usually picks a Montecristo. “I have always smoked a Montecristo”, says Mons. “It’s a unique cigar with unique character. The blend is rich, but more importantly, the wrappers are very special.” – The Battle for Montecristo, CA, 1993