When i last reviewed a Carlos Torano cigar, i knew that i had found something i would want again and again. The Torano Exodus Gold Torpedo was magnificent, and this led to high expectations on the criollo-wrapped Torano Exodus Silver robusto. A simple change of the wrapper makes all the difference to this cigar, and what a wonderful difference it was!

The visual test on this cigar revealed a fine, near-veinless wrapper! Smooth and oily to the touch, slightly firm to the pinch, this is a very nicely constructed cigar using some exceptional tobacco. The criollo Cuban-seed wrapper is slightly fairer shaded than the Honduran Cubano-seed wrapper you’ll find on the Exodus Gold, and is also slightly less oily to the touch.

(Image lost) Nice burn on a near-veinless criollo wrapper

The scent test went very well! A punchy spicy tang invaded my nostrils as i ran the length of this cigar along my upper lip. A tremendously enjoyable experience! The unlighted draw was just right, and left a very nice peppery sensation on the lips.

Lighting this cigar took no effort at all, but getting it to burn evenly required some patience. A few deep draws and some accurate torching later, this cigar was on its way. The initial tastes surrounding this cigar were remarkably pleasant in dark chocolate peppery manner. Nice deep draws produced large volumes of very cedary smoke, and this is always a joy to experience.

(Image lost) Holds its ash well

The burn was fairly even, but every once in a while, a quick touch up from the torch was required to correct some minor runs. Not too big a deal, but it might be irritating for some. As this cigar approached the end, it took a complex turn and merged the criollo-induced pepper with some dark creamy tones — nice! Not too tarry at the end, this cigar finishes well.

(Image lost) Parting is such sweet sorrow!

Verdict: A top-drawer cigar worth every second of the 45 minutes it took to smoke. The only thought that came to mind as i put it final rest in the ashtray was “when were we going to meet again”. Highly recommended.