As i wrote earlier, Rolys are Puros Indios seconds. This means that during the quality control tests in the Rolando Reyes factory, these cigars were, for one reason or another, rejected in their selection as Puros Indios “firsts”. A small nick in the wrapper, abit of inconsistency in the ring gauge, perhaps. But the content is the same, and Roly still deliver the same unique experience of Puros Indios — at a much more affordable price. I’m a fan of Puros Indios, but do the Rolys match them?

With robacco from 5 different nations including a very unique Sumatran-seed wrapper, Rolys will provide you with a fairly complex, easy-to-approach-yet-enjoyable cigar.

(Image lost) Nice even burn

The visual test on the Roly isn’t too inspiring. In the bundle of 20 cigars i received, each seems different to the other in some small way. Some are a bit more square, some a bit more round. Some with a bit of discolouration on the wrapper, some a bit firmer to the touch. But the scent test makes up for it somewhat: a nice tangy spice that tickles the nose.

Lighting up the cigar took little effort; a quick lick of flame, a few deep draws, and we’re away! The initial burn is even and the draw is fine, pretty good actually. Not too firm or loose, just the way i like it. Taste wise, you’re going to get that very unique fragrance that makes Puros Indios such a nice tasting cigar — a large dose of flowery cedar, with just a hint of spiciness. The cigar becomes much more robust towards the later half; a nice touch of complexity that’s always good to see in any cigar.

In many ways, the torpedo vitola is much better than the #4 petit corona i reviewed earlier — the burn is more consistent, the draw is not too firm, the taste prolonged and the impact of the flower fragrance much more pronounced. The pleasure is simply amplified in this cigar with a massive 56 ring gauge at its widest point. And because of the way a torpedo is shaped, the complexity also takes a well deserved boost, and it really kicks in with some punch notes as the ring gauge narrows towards the end.

Good till the end!

Verdict: Most definitely a “wow” cigar — i smoked this one on the beach over the weekend, under the stars with a gust of wind in my face, and it left a smile on me throughout. Marginally more expensive than the Roly #4, its most definitely worth it. Highly recommended.