Cohiba was introduced only in 1968, Cohiba quickly became the flagship brand of the Cuban cigar industry. Developed initially as a medium bodied protocol cigar for presentation only by officials of the Cuban government, Cohiba was marketed widely beginning in 1982. The initial sizes were the Lancero, the Corona Especiale and the Panetela, with the Esplendido, Robusto and Exquisito added in 1989. The Cohiba series was initially made in the El Laguito factory in Havana, but production is now also in the Fernando Perez German factory.

For the first time ever, i felt that i was ready to smoke a Cohiba. Its an ultra-premium cigar and i always knew that i would only be ready to fully appreciate this magnificent cigar once i had tried many others first. After a year in the world of cigars, i had one and it met all the expectations and hype preceding it. Without a doubt, among the top 3 best cigars i’ve had to date.

(Image lost) Superb burn, maginificent wrapper

(Image lost) Pleasant Cuban-grey ash, holds it very well

The visual test is remarkable. For Cohiba, forget all the negative press Cubans have received lately for their poor consistency and contruction. The Cohiba is a pure exception. Wrapper is oily smooth, very, very few veins and consitently firm to the touch. The scent test is also inspiring — nice tangy cedar burst to the nostrils. Fantastic. Just running it through my fingers and inhaling its fresh tobacco scent gave me minutes of pure pleasure.

Very slight flowering of the ash towards the end

Lighting it took no trouble at all. A very light touch of the torch and this cigar almost lit itself. The draw is perfect: medium-firm, just the way i like my cigars. Taste wise, the first half of this cigar offered a very unique fresh tobacco flavour. Delightfully nutty, mixed with light hints of fragrant coffee and spice. After the first 2 inches, then the Cohiba’s true character kicked in with a vengeance. A might burst of spicy pepper, laced with woody notes prevail. Its almost undescribable how good this cigar tastes.

One note of warning on the Cohiba: its not for the novice. Even if you can afford its exuberant RM99 retail price tag, you may want to ask yourself whether you can take its super-strong nicotine punch. A full buzz that will run from the top of your head to the tip of your toes will place you on a perpetual high as you smoke this cigar. Best taken after the best meal you can possibly have, enjoyed with a sweet glass of brewed coffee.

(Image lost) A sin if you don’t smoke this to the stub

Verdict: The benchmark of robustos anywhere in the world. One of the Cuban flagships, Cohiba uses the finest tobacco the island has to offer — unless you pick one up from a young, immature box (caution: lots of those around nowadays), i can GUARANTEE you a smoke of epic proportions. The significant nicotine punch is a very welcome character, in this cigar.