It was the Cigars Malaysia community’s privilege to welcome as our guest Ms Lim Sut Wai, GM of Perdomo Asia, for a special gathering and dinner on 30 April 2004. She was here on business, and i was lucky enough to snag her for the evening for an intimate meeting with us.

Perdomo Asia represents Perdomo in Asia — as the official exclusive distributor of Perdomo cigars in Asia. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, they’ve been in operation for the last 2 years since being appointed by Perdomo HQ in 2002.

Perdomo cigars are a real treat; extremely rare in Malaysia, except in the personal humidors of local aficionados who are “in the know” of this premium brand. We were lucky that Sut Wai had with her a couple of boxes she was willing to share with us at a steal. Needless to say, we were grateful and spent the evening regaling in her fine company, excellent cigars in hand, after a scrumptious meal by the wonderful chefs of Bon Ton, KL.