Lauded for its exquisite construction, uncompromising flavor and its unparalleled level of presentation, Perdomo Estate Seleccion is a deeply aged Nicaraguan puro delicately handcrafted with a very limited, highly scrutinized blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in the rich, black fertile soil of Esteli, Nicaragua. The intricately woven blend of Perdomo Estate Seleccion is manifested in its robust flavor and a rich complexity coupled with a melody of sweet subtle nuances. The filler and binder crop have been dutifully aged for five years and the Cuban seed Nicaraguan wrapper, cultivated at the Perdomo family farm in the Jalapa Valley, is meticulously cultivated through three fermentation periods.

For a cigar that has received some of the highest ratings in the industry, expections were surely very high when i first received this cigar. Aged for 400 days in their boxes before their shipped out to retailers, i was about to find out whether all the time has been worth it.

The visual and pinch test was quite splendid — a very nice, oily dark maduro wrapper. Almost silky to the touch, rolling this cigar gently around in my fingers was quite a treat. Small veiny hints are apparent, but otherwise the external composition of this cigar is very good.

(Image lost) Interesting “nipple” head

The scent taste offers some very interesting bean aromas encased in a lovely dark chocolate aroma. Quite unique, and its not something i’ve encountered elsewhere prior. I also detected a few light spice notes that tickled the nose somewhat. Delightful!

The monstro is a very large cigar, with a very large foot. Lighting it evenly over such a large base takes a bit of patience and accuracy otherwise you’re going to get an uneven initial burn that could ruin the enjoyment of the cigar. Because of this i took my time with this little beauty, and was justly rewarded when it lighted up wonderfully. A few deep draws and it was away.

(Image lost) Silver white ash, even burn, oily wrapper

Initial draws were even and smooth — no indication of tightness. Not too loose, not too firm: just nice. My previous experience with Perdomo was with its La Tradicion Reserce series, and i expected more of that same peppery punch. I was actually quite surprised to realize that, taste wise, the Estate Seleccion is actually a very mellow and easy smoke! Definitely something that you can have over an easy lunch or lazy afternoon. Strong dark chocolate and bean tones will accompany you throughout this cigar. Towards the end, a very slight punch will become apparent: just a pinch of spice to give you that peppery sensation on the lips. Almost like a silent kiss goodbye.

I couldn’t put this cigar down!

Verdict: A smoke-to-the-stub-till-your-fingers-burn cigar! A very fine representation of what Perdomo cigars is all about. Excellent construction, smooth draw, even burn and very tasty. Medium bodied at best, a cigar to be enjoyed during any occasion. Its pricey, but its worth a try — you’ll be hard pressed to find something significantly better in the market today. Highly recommended.