Voted by the Robb Report as the “Cigar of the Year”, La Tradicion Perdomo Reserve also received one of the highest vertical ratings ever from Cigar Insider, the monthly newsletter of the leading authority on cigars, Cigar Aficionado.

This incredible collection of distinctive cigars is a special blend of double-aged Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in the thick, nutrient-rich soil of the Perdomo family farm in Esteli, Nicaragua. Production is limited to only the most experienced tabaqueros, and the sun-grown Rosado and triple-fermented Maduro wrappers are inspected and handpicked by Nick Perdomo, Sr. himself. All nine (9) unique sizes are box pressed to recapture the pre-embargo tradition of cigar making and are gently placed in cedar boxes of 25.

(Image lost) Nice burn, clean grey ash

With an introduction like that, i really couldn’t wait to try this very-highly-rated-and-talked-about cigar! I got my chance during the recent dinner with Perdomo Asia when the GM of Perdomo Asia, Ms Lim Sut Wai, brought with her a couple of boxes for sampling purposes.

The visual test on this cigar was quite pleasing. A bit of vein-iness on the dark maduro wrapper makes it look a bit ugly, but the healthy sheen of oil covering it makes up for this. Its an interestingly shaped cigar, a diademas; tapered oddly at its foot.

(Image lost) Even still, very oily dark maduro wrapper

The pinch test was ample — nice and firm, without any noticeable hard spots or flaws in construction. The scent test revealed a very, very strong earthy spice. This cigar is not for the faint hearted! A full bodied beast probably lay waiting under the hood.

Lighting it was an experience. Never lit a diademas shaped figurado before, so was a bit unsure what to do. But when it doubt, just puff away with a few licks of the torch, and soon enough this cigar was underway very nicely. Even initial burn, very tasty initial draws. As expected, a strong earthy spice, leaving spiking peppery sensations on the lips. Very tasty with bold strokes of cedar and wood; a slight pinch of dark chocolate creaminess, but very slight, and barely noticed as its overpowered by the peppery spice. Past halfway, and the taste intensifies to almost mind-boggling proportions! Quite pleasurable in a hang-on-to-your-seat kind of way! If you know what to expect from this cigar, you will almost undoubtedly enjoy it.

(Image lost) Good till the last!

Verdict: A very full bodied, strong, punchy cigar with the boldest dash of pepper and spice i’ve yet to encounter in a cigar. If you like full bodied champions, then this is YOUR cigar. Remains strong till the end, burns evenly and has a very pleasant smoky aroma. Highly recommended.