Its safe to say that the producer of 4 of the top 50 selling brands in the United States and, according to Cigar Aficionado, the producer of 8 of the top 25 brands in the world, really knows how to make some fantastic cigars. In my previous experiences (and here) with Perdomo, i’ve been very happy with the results. I wasn’t about to be disappointed with the Perdomo Fresco.

Made entirely from Nicaraguan leaf tobacco (except for a little bit of Dom Republic in the filler), this cigar looks good, smokes well, and tastes very pleasant.

(Image lost) Band on its foot!

The first thing you’ll notice about this cgar is the band is actually wrapped around its foot rather than near the top as is usually the case. So, before lighting it, this band has to be slipped off.

(Image lost) Nice wrapper, even initial burn

The scent and visual test is good. The wrapper is very slightly veined, but its nice and firmly spongy to the pinch. By breathing in the tobacco for its foot and running its length under my nose, its obvious that the tobacco is very good: a mild tingle to the nose with sweet nutty notes.

Burn getting uneven

A snip of the cutters later, this cigar was ready to be lit. The first few draws suprised me: the quantity of smoke was very large — puff after puff very quickly filled up the room with an aromatic scent that was certainly pleasing. The draw is medium-firm (its interesting to note that most non-Cuban cigars have a very good draw). The Fresco’s taste is an interesting combination of nuts and cedar, creamy and smooth; quite unusual and very fragrant. It burns remarkably slowly for a robusto; expect up to 90 good minutes with this cigar. It isn’t very spicy to begin with, but was it burns on, a touch of spice will keep things interesting at the end.

Holds its ash well, though

Past halfway, it took some effort to keep this cigar alive between draws. A bit unusual as i don’t normally have such problems with the burn of non-Cuban cigars. As a result of the frequent relighting and draws, the cigar heated up considerably and the burn became very uneven with some unsightly runs appearing, and this was a bit annoying.

Good enough to smoke till the end!

Verdict: A good cigar taste wise, with a nice medium-firm draw. Unfortunately, construction inconsistencies may have made the particular cigar i smoked go a bit haywire once it burned past halfway. Perhaps i wasn’t paying attention to it enough.