Vitola = Describes the basic shape and length of the cigar. Common vitolas include “robusto”, “corona”, “churchill”, “rothschild”, etc.

Robusto: 5 inches x 50 ring. A classic vitola. Large ring gauge delivers a full taste experience — a good way to appreciate the taste and body of the tobacco. Shorter length tends to mean it burns through quite quickly, about 60 minutes on average. Also due to its shorter length, cigar may get hot if drawn too frequently. Example: Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Silver Robusto, Cohiba Robusto

Rothschild: 4-4.8 inches x 50-52 ring. A shorter, more intense version of the robusto. Example: Arturo Fuente Sun Grown

Corona: 5.5 inches x 42-46 ring. Simple and straightforward vitola — tends to burn through quite quickly due to its small ring gauge. Due to it length:ring ratio, the cigar can be quite cool and smooth in its delivery. Example: Honduras Corona

Petit corona: 5-5.5 inches x 40-44 ring. A favourite vitola among many due to its short length. Can be smoked within 30 minutes, and still have time to deliver a satisfying taste experience. Not too long, not too large, not too big. Example: Montecristo #4

Churchill (& Double Corona): 7-7.5 inches x 48-50 ring. A true aficionado’s vitola. Long length and large ring provides a prolonged taste delivery. Length also allows adequte time for pronounced character changes during the burn of the cigar; shorter cigars may not have enough time to provide such changes before they burn out. Perhaps the best way in order to fully appreciate the quality of the tobacco used by a particular brand. Example: Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Gold Double Corona, Saint Luis Rey Churchill

Torpedo: Figurado, pointed head, 6-7 inches x 48-52 ring. The most popular and common figurado, “shaped cigar”. The shape has a significant impact on the taste complexity of the cigar — can start of very cool and smooth, but due to the funneling effect towards the end, the flavours tend to become concentrated and intense. A very unique smoking experience unfound in all other vitolas. Example: Montecristo #2, Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Gold Torpedo