Oh what a night it was! The rain had thankfully stopped several hours earlier, the ambience was perfect and the cigars on offer blissfully numerous! As usual, the dinner was oversubscribed — a lot of last minute additions forced our host to add a couple of extra tables to our setup; at last count we had more than 20 people in attendance.

The food arrived promptly and in staggeringly large quantities! Speaking to AG and Kamarul during the dinner, they thought the starter was the main course, such was its quantity! The service excellent; not a singe glass went dry, not a single appetite unsatiated. Fantastic, authentic (the best i’ve ever had, for sure) North Indian Cuisine. Our hostess, Ms Deepanjali was a true champion and i tihnk everyone that night will join me in recommending Khaana Peena as a favoured restaurant.

After the food was cleared, and coffee was served, a theory was put to the test: would cigars go well with the spiciness of North Indian curries? I think all the smiling faces around the table as they lit up provides an adequate answer!

As usual, the food was good, the company resounding, and the cigars were brilliant — especially the introduction of the limited-edition CAO Black was very well received. Thanks to everyone who participated, and i hope to see you all again very soon.