You’ve read the ads in Cigar Aficionado, you’ve seen it receive a coveted rating of “92”. The top-of-the-line series available by Indian Tabac, Rocky Patel (the company founder) uses 12 year old Ecuadorian Sumatran leaf that will satisfy every smoker from novices to the most discriminating of aficionados.

Aging bleeds out a lot of the tar and nicotine that is naturally found in tobacco — this tends to result in a smooth, creamier smoking experience that doesn’t have any of the youthful edginess you’ll find in newer cigars. After receiving a box of Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 robustos, i was about to find out whether this was true.

The scent and visual test was splendid! Visually, the cigar was in tremendous condition. Very clear wrapper with some very minor veins, and consistent from stick to stick. The maduro wrapper was well conditioned and it certainly showed. The aroma from the open box was stunningly sweet. A very mellow tobacco fragrance coupled with a nice little tang. Delightful!

(Image lost) Firm ash, superb burn – notice the ultra-thin burn line

The pinch test went well: not too firm to the touch, just right. Its important to note the tobacco was exuding prodigious amounts of healthy oils; it gave the cigar a very silky feel; it left an obvious sheen of oil on the fingers, and this, i can assure you, was a very pleasurable feeling. Superb tobacco, superb construction.

A few quick draws from the flame, and this cigar was lit. The burn took a moment to even itself out, but this wasn’t a problem. The burn stayed even right up to the end. The draw itself was effortless, perhaps just a tad bit on the loose side that what i normally prefer, but it was certainly within accetable parameters. Initial tastes were very promising: a hint of spice and pepper, delivered in a decidedly grassy, mellow manner. Excellent. Just like all good cigars should, its taste character changed past halfway; the previous spiciness withdrew mildly, and it was replaced with a more urgent cedary taste sensation. Very, very pleasant, all the way to the finish.

(Image lost) Until it burned my fingers!

Verdict: An excellent example of why aging a cigar is good idea! Superb smoke that delivers all you would expect from a premium smoke. Overall, a medium bodied smoke that starts of mild and mellow, and finished with a nice burst of flavour. Highly recommended.