To commemorate the exodus of the best cigar makers from Cuba in 1959, Carlos Torano released the Exodus 1959 range — a cigar that revives all that was once great about the cigar making tradition of that proud island. With a dark natural, oily Honduran wrapper, a peek under the hood will reveal a complex blend of leaves from 5 nations: Honduras, Dom Republic, Ecuador, Mexico and Nicaragua. Each with their own specific characteristics, it almost guarantees a complex, imaginative smoke.

Upon receiving a couple of boxes of this marvelous cigar, i was astounded by the visual consistency from box to box. Each cigar’s wrapper was immaculately similar, the banding bright and aligned; a true rarity among most cigars, especially the much lauded Cubans.

(Image lost) Solid grey ash, excellent burn

The visual and scent test was inspiring. A long double corona, 7 inches by 48 ring, this is a cigar that will take a good 2 hours to savour. The wrapper is visually superb; very small veins (if any at all), and looks silky smooth. Its oily to the touch, always a mark of very healthy tobacco. This cigar provides an excellent scent: fresh and powerful with strong cedar notes, and hints of leather and dark chocolate.

The pinch test places this cigar slightly less firm that both the Torano Exodus Gold Torpedo and Torano Exodus Silver Robusto. Not really soft, but really nice and spongy in its consistency. Overall, it looks and feels like a well constructed beauty.

(Image lost) Holds its ash well, no flowering of the ash

It doesn’t take much coaxing to light up; a few quick licks of the torch and its away! The draw was excellent, nice and smooth as you would expect from a long, slim cigar. It rolled well between the fingers, and felt good in the hand. Truly, i can understand why longer vitolas such as the double corona and churchill are considered marques of the true aficionado.

Taste wise, its very similar to the Torano Exodus Gold Torpedo i reviewed earlier: a fresh burst of cedar and pine wrapped in a creamy smooth dark chocolate finish. Outstanding! A marked change of character is noticed about halfway through as this cigar begins to deliver decidedly spicier tones. Definitely not a one-dimensional boring cigar, this.

(Image lost) Good to the end, this one

Verdict: Want a cigar that won’t disappoint? This will do it for you. Looks good, feels good, burns well, and provides an outstanding, well-rounded complex taste experience. Not to be missed. Highly Recommended.