I’ve reviewed this cigar before, a long time ago, when i first started on cigars. Looking back at that time, i think this incredible cigar was wasted on me then — i knew it was a good smoke, but its only now, at second tasting, that i think i can better appreciate this beauty.

Launched in 1935 by the H. Upmann factory, as a tribute to the Count of Monte Cristo – the cigar smoking hero of Alexandre Dumas’s novel. Montecristo first appeared in just five sizes described by numbers. Other sizes like the ‘A’ and Especiales were added in the early 1970s.

(Image lost) Long, grey ash, distinctively Cuban

The scent and visual test on this cigar is magnificent. Shaped in the perfect torpedo figurado, 6.5 inches of perfect heaven with an ample 52 ring at its widest point, great care was obviously put into the construction of this cigar. Its been said that figurados like this are the most difficult vitola to roll, and just looking at its symmetric beauty, i can almost understand why. Scent wise, this cigar absolutely tingles with a fresh tobacco aroma that’s distinctively Montecristo — a sharp flowery scent, mixed with touches of spice and cedar.

The pinch test revealed a nice, firm exterior. Not hard by any standards, just lightly spongy. It feels really good under the fingers, a thin coat of oils coating its natural-coloured wrapper. Just the way i like it.

(Image lost) Even burn, excellent wrapper

Lighting this cigar took a moment. Don’t be over-zealous with the torch on such a large foot, as it does take some accuracy to light it without singeing the tobacco and ensuring an even initial burn.

The initial taste profile is pleasantly nutty and woody. Once again, you really can’t mistake the distinct Montecristo taste: cedar and wood, binded together with flowery spice that leaves the most delightful finish you could every wish for. Past halfway, the tobacco began to warm up a bit, and the delivery of peppery spice instensified noticeably. The burn got a bit wobbly at a point, and it took some patient draws to get it even again.

(Image lost) Good till the end, oh goodness!

As i put this cigar to rest, my taste buds revelled in the “Montecristo finish” — a unique taste sensation on the lips and tongue that no other brand even comes close to replicating. Absolutely fantastic. The finish alone is worth the price of admission, believe me.

Verdict: Perhaps one of the best vitolas of the Montecristo brand, and with very good reason. An excellent smoke — good draw, nice burn, cedar and nuts taste, and the most outstanding finish. Medium bodied, medium “punch”. Highest possible recommendation.