I’m a fantastic fan of Carlos Torano – bang for the buck, they provide incredibly consistent cigars, flavoursome, and just all around damn interesting smokes. I’ve yet to be disappointed by CT, and i reckon that’s just down to their superior cigar making capabilities. Truly, i didn’t expect the Torano Signature toro to be any different, and i wasn’t disappointed.

Each of these beauties come wrapped individually in cedar sleeves; the dark maduro Brazilian wrapper contrasts nicely against the cedar. Made with Nicaraguan filler and Dominican Republic binder, a complex taste experience was in the offing.

The scent test was pleasant; the cedar completely dominates the aroma of this cigar. Running my nose against the un-sleeved cigar, the wrapper smells as though its made out of cedar! If i had to guess, i would say that this cigar has been aged with the cedar for a significant amount of time; perhaps 12-24 months. Its unlikely that the scent transfer of cedar could have happened any other way.

(Image lost) Long, firm silvery ash

The visual test was alright; the cigar is a bit veiny, and this may ultimately affect its even burning when lit. The pinch test was firm; the cigar feels taut, not quite rock hard, but a tad bit harder than most other Torano’s i’ve experienced. Feels like the tobacco has been bunched quite firmly.

Lighting up this cigar took very little time; it took the flame quickly and efficiently. The initial draw was good — better than i had expected since it felt like a very firm cigar during the pinch test. The draw evened out, medium-firm; a simple effortless smoke.

(Image lost) Still good, even and firm even in the last third

Initial tastes were quite nice — strong coffee and chocolate tones, with a large burst of creamy consistencies mixed in with a touch of woody cedar. Fantastic thick smoke came from this cigar, and it had the taste to match. The first third was fairly medium bodied, but then, things seem to notch up a gear or two, and the full bodied tastes of the Torano Signature reared its majestic head. To its credit that the cigar manages to maintain a firm balance even as it begins to offer more flavour — the cigar never gets harsh or bitter; just a smooth ride through thick tobacco flavours. The Brazilian wrapper provides a similar taste experience (though no where as good) to that of the Dona Flor, a Brazilian puros i recently smoked. Unique, and very interesting.

Its worth to note that the dimensions of this cigar, 6 x 48, make it a smooth, cool smoke. I’ve noticed longer, slimmer cigars have a tendency to be less direct in their taste delivery, and the Torano Signature Toro is no different in this regard. A full bodied cigar with such dimensions will tend to provide a less overwhelming experience than a full bodied robusto.

(Image lost)  Good till the last

Verdict: A worthy cigar of note. Starts patiently before delivering its full flavour potential at about half way; the character change is outstanding, deliberate and distinct. Not a very “punchy” cigar; a fine example of a full bodied cigar that isn’t overwhelming with nicotine. Coffee and dark chocolate notes dominate. Well recommended.