The first (and still only) cigar to be made entirely of tobacco from the Dominication Republic, a true puro, the Opus X is arguably one of the most sought after brands in the world, such is its rarity. Made from choice wrapper, filler and binder from the tobacco fields of Chateau de la Fuente, home of the Arturo Fuente family, this cigar is a super-super premium, retailing in Malaysia for often more than RM200 (US$50) per stick!

Due to the generosity of a friend, i got my hands on a Perfecxion #4 (5.5 inches, 42 ring) recently, and after sitting in my humidor for a few months, i decided that it was time to see what all the fuss was about.

Opus X Perfecxion #4

The visual test was certainly interesting — a dark natural wrapper with some moderate veining. Its been said that the darker the wrapper colour, the harder it is to find one devoid of veins; growing the leaf closer to the top of the plant (and to the heat of sunlight) tends to encourage larger veins running through the leaf. It has a thin sheen of healthy oils running across the wrapper, and of course, that magnificent band is a beauty to look at.

Burn starts out well…

The scent test was a bit strange — the scent was so mild, i hardly detected it on my most-times sensitive nose. A quiet, light tobacco scent was just about it. A bit of a let down in this department, methinks. I’ve always preferred my cigars to have a strong aroma/fragrance to them. A good smelling cigar will light up the appetite for things to come.

It lighted well, just a few passes of the torch and it was done. The draw is comfortable, just a shade too loose, but within acceptable boundaries. Taste wise, i knew something was not right from the beginning — while the aroma was good, and the smoke volume very high, the Opus X tasted very raw, bitter and full of very dark flavours. It was like the strongest bodied cigar i’ve had, times two! It mellowed past half-way point, but it still maintained a very strong presence throughout. Unusual for Dominican tobacco that is traditionally medium bodied at best.

The burn on this cigar towards the end went terribly haywire. No amount of careful coaxing would right it, so i just gave up in the last 2 inches and smoked through it. Pics of the bad burn are below:

(Image lost) Poor burn Part 1

(Image lost) Poor burn Part 2

(Image lost) Poor burn Part 3

Verdict: A very average cigar with some significant problems in construction, and perhaps even in the preparation of tobacco (thus making it taste raw and bitter). A bit strange for such a premium cigar, and can only be explained as plain bad luck. Every box of cigars has its donkeys, and perhaps i got my hands on one.