A fairly recent addition to the Perdomo stable of cigars, the simply-named “The Cigar” is a Nicaraguan puro — the filler, binder and wrapper are all from Nicaragua. This is what Nick Goebel, a respected tobacconist, had to say about “The Cigar”:

“The Cigar” is simply fantastic. It is filled with full-bodied flavors, yet is incredibly smooth, with a very easy, relaxed draw. The packaging is outstanding, and the price points are unbelievable! A cigar with this quality that retails for this price is almost unfathomable in the industry. Kudos to Nick and his crew!”

Respectfully, i beg to differ. Its a terrible feeling to have to smoke through 2 bad cigars in a row, but that’s exactly what happened to me lately. Firstly, the Opus X let me down, then The Cigar by Perdomo (a brand i have lots of respect for).

The visual test was good. A nice, oily dark rosado Cuban seed Nicaraguan wrapper covered this cigar, and it looked really good. Veining was minimal, and the cigar looked consistent from every angle. A quick pinch test revealed a nice firm body — not too hard, but not spongy with soft spots all over. Feels well constructed, and balanced.

The scent test was outstanding. The fresh tobacco aroma was like a kick in the head; a very musky, dark chocolate aroma that really set expectations high: if it smelled this good, it must taste even better! But the problems started the moment i lit it.

(Image lost) The burn going off the wire — it got worse!

It was difficult to get it going initially. The tobacco seemed relunctant to the flame and although great care was taken to ensure an even initial burn, it seemed to take a life of its own once lit. The draw was reasonable, just right in fact. But the smoke volume came in bursts and spits and i noticed the lots of cigar smoke coming from the cigar on its own. This cigar was burning internally even when i was not drawing on it! A sure sign of tunneling, this ruined the cigar really quickly.

The burn got out of control and i was fighting runs all over the place. This may have been forgiven if it tasted good, but even that was not to be: while it offered some potential with a full bodied, dark chocolate tones, it never realized it properly, and ended up being quite rough past halfway. But by then, i had just about given up on this cigar — it was burning up on the inside, it died out frequently and it just wouldn’t burn straight.

Verdict: Its been a long time since a cigar took flying lessons off my condo balcony. Burns very poorly, tunnels and doesn’t live up to its initial taste potential.