In the history of My Cigar Blog and the Cigars Malaysia community, there have been very few cigars that have received such an overwhelmingly positive response as the CAO Black series — just about every person who has sampled this cigar has given it top marks in every department.

A very unique blend tobacco aged at least 5 years, the CAO Black series is a limited edition line. Just 6,000 boxes ever produced, and released late last year, available stocks are dwindling fast. I’ve been told that very soon, they’ll be gone forever, and each hand painted, uniquely serial-numbered box will become collectors’ items. Just like the CAO Black Storm (robusto) i reviewed earlier, the CAO Black Gothic (torpedo) is a true classic.

(Image lost) Silver ash, fantastic burn

The scent and visual test is truly remarkable. Its quite simply got one of the most flawless wrappers i’ve ever seen; perhaps the only wrapper more silky than this belongs to the 18-year aged Cusano 18s. But the Cusano 18 doesn’t offer the aroma of CAO Black. Running this cigar under my nose, i pick up very delectable fragrances — flower and cedar combined neatly. Outstanding.

(Image lost) Burns well even near the end

It doesn’t take much effort to light, and from the moment it comes to life, it burns evenly and draws very well. Medium-firm, just the way i like my cigars to draw. Thick, heavenly smoke delivers the now-familiar nutty, grassy notes. Someone mentioned at the last dinner that CAO Black almost tastes like a cross between a Cuban Cohiba and a Montecristo. I must say that verdict isn’t too far off. Perhaps not as strong and full in flavour as a Cohiba, nor as uniquely spicy as a Montecristo, but a little bit of both, delightfully balanced. Superb.

(Image lost) Very little tar buildup — smooth till the end

Towards the end, after more than 75 minutes of smoking pleasure, a fair measure of robustness comes into the taste and aroma of the cigar. It becomes decidedly “punchy”. New smokers, beware!

(Image lost) Good till the very end!

Verdict: The “Big Brother” of the CAO Black Storm (robusto). Does most things better and for much, much longer. A unique cigar with much to offer to every cigar aficionado. Its a shame they soon will be gone.